Emerica Performance shoes tailor made for skateboarders

by Karmaloop Rep Code

Emerica is one of seven brands owned by Sole Technology – a leading skateboarding company specializing in skate shoes and apparel.

Leveraging the resources of its parent company, Emerica has created a unique line of specialized shoes that are tailor-made for skateboarders. The design team emphasizes what athletes really need – comfortable shoes that can boost performance and withstand the most extreme skateboard abuse and the toughest wear and tear.

Sole Technology created the world’s first and only scientific sports research lab dedicated to the study of action sports. Conducting biomechanics research on skate shoes, the Sole Technology Institute (STI Lab) produced groundbreaking technologies such as the STI Foam footbed, an insole designed to relieve pressure; the Flo2 heat-reducing tongue; and the G2 shock-absorbing gel cushion.

New STI innovations are put to the test by a team of professional riders before they are used in Emerica shoes. Team Emerica is composed of Aaron Suski, Andrew Reynolds, Brandon Westgate, Braydon Szafranski, Bryan Herman, Chris Senn, Collin Provost, Ed Templeton, Heath Kirchart, and Jerry Hsu.

If you love your feet and are serious about skateboarding, then Emerica should be your brand of choice. Not only do they improve your performance on the pavement; they also look good on you while you execute your tricks. Emerica sneakers feature some of the most unique and interesting styles on the market today and are available in a wide range of colors and materials.

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