Danner: Boots Made to a Higher Standard

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Danner boots are made for hardworking men. Cut from the best leather and crafted to the highest standards, Danners have been protecting the feet of tradespeople and outdoorsmen for more than 80 years.

Brand history

A Danner boot is a mark of unsacrificing quality. It’s been that way since 1932, the year Charles Danner decided to open his shoe company. In the midst of the Great Depression, Danner risked his future on a stubborn belief that even in a hard economy, superior craftsmanship matters.

The Pacific Northwest was the ultimate ground for proving Danner’s conviction. Using only the best materials and hiring only the most skilled craftsmen, Danner made boots that quickly became the favorite of American workers who also loved the outdoors. They understood that a well-made boot, though more costly, would outperform and outlast several pairs of inexpensive ones.

Within just a few years, Danner boots gained a reputation for enduring the ruggedness of the region, and in the process earned the respect of many generations to come.

Today, Danner quality remains legendary because Danner never wavers on its commitment to a higher standard. It has been that way since 1932.

Setting a higher standard in bootmaking

Danner bootmakers are craftsmen. There are more efficient ways to manufacture a boot — cut corners, streamline the process, or produce more for less. But there is only one way to craft a boot with the fit, comfort and durability of a Danner, and that is by hand.

The only way to ensure the quality of a Danner boot is to use the finest materials. That’s why every hide of leather is graded through a series of six tests to check for strength, flexibility, durability and more.

Every hide of leather is unique. In true Danner tradition, each hide is cut hand to ensure that only the best part of the hide is used.

Shoe design is a vast collection of intricate details, from the boot last to the stitching that holds it together. And to a Danner boot, these are the details that set it apart.

Danner develops its custom outsole designs with Vibram, because year after year their outsoles stand up to the test. Danner was also the first boot maker to use GORE-TEX® liners, setting a new standard in boot interiors.

Danner at Karmaloop.com

If you like leather boots, you’ll love Danner. Masterfully crafted by hand, Danner boots can take on snow, dirt, or streams while outperforming and outlasting those other pairs in your closet. All Danner boots showcased at Karmaloop are 100% Made in the USA. Get them in your favorite colorway! Get discounts when you shop for your girl with Miss KL Coupons!

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