The Skinny on Leather Trousers

by Karmaloop Rep Code

Leather is no foreign matter in the world of fashion.  In fact, when you look at the history of humanity, leather was actually one of mankind’s very first form of clothing.  It wasn’t until the discovery of soft cotton and light silk that the literally hot and heavy material took a back seat and was confined into the manufacture of shoes and bags.  Soon after  though, leather was back on the spotlight as leather jackets, dresses, minis, and pants.  So how do leather trousers fare today?  Let’s see.

While Gucci offers both skinny leather pants and loose leather riding pants, Vintage Boutique’s got us everything in between in the August Max leather trousers.  Crafted from 100% leather, it sits high on the waist and takes on a straight leg silhouette with pleat detailing — very much vintage ‘80s.  Since it goes down just until the calves, excellent choice of footwear is extremely important. You don’t wanna waste precious leather with a poor finish right? Head on to for all your promo and rep code info! Enjoy shopping!

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