The Cosmopolitan Woman on Seasonal Transitions

by Karmaloop Rep Code

When it comes to our spring wardrobe, dark grays and dusty browns that mimic the environment are mostly what we see. Rather than blending in with her surroundings, the cosmopolitan woman chooses hues that allow her to stand out amongst a sea of spring colors.

With her Free People’s Crop Skinny Pants in Orchid, she certainly tells the world that she is not one to hide in a crowd. She makes her pants the focal point of her look by styling them with a simple camel-toned jacket, beige top, and black wedges. Her love of color extends also to her accessories with the purple-flecked vintage scarf in her hair and eye-catching green nails.

Fully immersed in the unpredictable weather of Spring, we are cold one day and hot the next, but the cosmopolitan woman finds a happy medium wearing transitional outfits that hint at the warmth to come while covering up enough to feel comfortable in the current climate. Expose a little here, conceal a little there.

Be the cosmopolitan woman who wears clothes that make a statement about her personality. Her clothes speak for her even without having uttered a single word. Not a bad rule to live by. Visit our site for the hottest deals for Karmaloop!

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