Taking a Chance with Nikita’s Bellavita Harem Pants

by Karmaloop Rep Code

Since they made its way into pop culture, thanks (or no thanks) to MC Hammer’s parachute pants, the harem pants have received opposing reviews among fashionistas.  Some may find it too Princess Jasmine-ish, others consider them to be comfortable couture.  Call it by any of its monikers and you still get the same thing—loosely fitted from the waist down to the knee, then tapered tightly from the knee down to the ankle.  Not anyone can just pull off the harem without much contemplation on what to wear it with.  A halter neck will risk you accentuating wider hips, or pair it with a vest then you might as well have earned your spot on Aladdin’s magic carpet.

Despite the similarity in fit, the type of garment used can very well make an impact as to how the pants would look on you.  Most harem pants are made of cotton or any similar soft material for it to achieve the perfect draping effect.  One will most definitely strike gold in the Bellavista Harem Pants.  Brought to us by the uber cool (pun-intended) Icelandic brand Nikita, this version of the infamous trousers is made of ultra-light fabric which falls just right, simulating a skirt-like cut until mid-thigh, then hugs the lower legs to a narrower silhouette, ending just above the ankle.  Available in versatile black, this can morph from street wear (paired with high-cut, military boots) to date-night fashion (just slip on your dressy flats or strappy, wedge sandals).  Cool, updated, comfortable and versatile, the benefits definitely outweigh the risks.

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