No-Leather Weather with O’Neill’s Black Hills Jacket

by Karmaloop Rep Code

Leather bomber jackets may be hailed as the go-to winter uniform but as such, they can get a little too common and ordinary at times. And so we scour the catalogues for alternatives that are non-leather but nonetheless cool, comfy and warm. Well, guess what? O’Neill’s got you covered.
Now there’s no doubting the label’s beachwear expertise and we can say the same in winter wear, judging by the Black Hills hooded jacket.

Combining polyester, wool, cotton and rayon, this jacket will certainly keep you warm through harsh cold days.  It’s well-structured, taking on a streamlined cut as an M-65 military jacket.  To accentuate the woman’s curves, the Black Hills jacket features a drawstring at the back panel to cinch the waist.  Its olive color keeps up with the somber vibe of the cold season and since it’s neutral, you can practically match it with anything. A patterned scarf and knee-length boots may just be ideal. Visit for the latest rep codes for Karmaloop!

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