Know1edge Taking the Guesswork Out of Mens Fashion

by Karmaloop Rep Code

Most men do not know how to wear a look, how to distinguish quality, and how to mix it up. The Know1edge clothing brand takes the guesswork out of men’s fashion with its distinct style of streetwear with a raw uncut twist. For more details about Know1edge continue reading this..

Brand history

Know1edge was created by Julius Brian Siswojo – the undisputed king of the Hong Kong street scene. Born in Indonesia, Siswojo moved to Hong Kong when he was 11 and immediately got hooked on skateboarding. By the time he was 14, he was riding the streets on a daily basis, living and breathing the skate culture.

Siswojo set up his 8FIVE2 shop in 2001 and began introducing underground labels and popular streetwear brands never before seen in Hong Kong. Within 10 months, 8FIVE2SHOP grew from 2 stores to 12 stores and became the go-to place for street apparel. Today, 8FIVE2SHOP is still pretty much the most important core of street fashion in Hong Kong.

Despite the success of 8FIVE2, Siswojo felt that Asians lacked authenticity in the origins of street art, skateboarding, and music. He decided to open this niche market to the masses by creating his Know1edge label in 2004 which would properly merchandise a full collection while being informative on street and skate history.

Know1edge started as a small line of tee collaborations with friends. The brand quickly grew to a full line of menswear and accessories which included premium denim, leather garments, knitted apparel, Swiss movement watches, and many more.

Know1edge ClothingKnow1edge designs

Know1edge clothing incorporates clean and simple lines by fusing together classic style with attention to special details.

The Know1edge 2010 F/W lineup offered cleanly colored and well considered graphic tees, crisp shirts, pants, and jackets. Appropriate for the colder seasons, several pieces come in heavier forms made from denim and leather.

Focusing on the concept of “form follows function”, the 2011 F/W collection offers timeless staple pieces highlighted by three pairs of pants featured in three different cuts. The Brasco pants have a slim fit, while the Donny has a straight fit and the Stranger has a looser fit.

Know1edge X Li-Ning

An opportunity to venture into footwear came when leading China sportswear brand Li-Ning sought the help of Know1edge to create a line of casual shoes. Siswojo was given full creative control over the collaboration project – breaking the misconception that all Chinese brands simply copied designs from the West.

Believing that the shape could make or break a shoe, Siswojo focused on creating fantastic silhouettes that were comfortable and good looking. The first series includes a boat shoe and hi-top sneakers with a play on different shades of brown. The second collection is dominantly red and black – inspired by the Jordan 1 colorways, and of course, the association of the red color with good luck in Chinese culture.

Know1edge at is showcasing some of the finest pieces from the Know1edge 2012 collection, including tanks, V-neck tees, collared shirts, raglans, henleys, khakis, caps, backpacks, and belts.

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