KLP Clothing Liberating the streets of garish predictable fashion

by Karmaloop Rep Code

An acronym for Klothing Liberation Project, KLP is an in-house brand of Karmaloop – one of the world’s biggest online retailers of streetwear. Created by Karmaloop visionary Greg Selkoe, KLP is helping liberate the streets of garish, predictable fashion by offering a fun line of statement shirts designed by budding artists from around the globe.

The Klothing Liberation Project is open to everyone – yes, even you! If you want to submit a design and let your progressive ideas be known to the world, then join the KLP Clothing and make your own contribution towards revolutionizing the face of fashion.

KLP KLP designs

KLP Clothing makes shirts that will make you chuckle or smile while sparking a conversation. Tees that feature harsh and screaming messages are spoofed with a humorous twist so people of all races and faces, genders and sexes, can relate to them.

Aside from its parody tees, KLP is known for producing direct-to-the-point shirts with subversive messages. Among its bestsellers are the Fuck Racism and Multi-Racial tees, which obviously connotes their meaning without the usual pun.

One of the most iconic KLP Clothing statement tees is the Business tee, which features a screen print of Mickey Mouse’s familiar silhouette with each ear crossed out and the word “Bu$ine$$” written underneath in Disney font, obviously calling out the well-known corporation.

Another popular tee design is the “Nerds are the New Gangstas” – which features images of possibly Barack Obama and other African-Americans who have been successful in many fields.

KLP tees that showcase the work of well-known artists include the Free Shepard design, featuring a screen print of Shepard Fairey’s face behind bars in the same style as his classic Andre the Giant face logo and FREE SHEPARD FAIREY printed on the back.

Tribute tees are also prominent in the KLP collection. The Biggest tee pays homage to rapper Notorious B.I.G. while the Black and Yellow tee is a tribute to Wiz Khalifa’s chart-topping track. KLP also released a couple of Kanye West graphic tees a couple of seasons ago. Want more information? visit www.karma-rep-codes.com.

KLP collaborations

KLP Clothing recently teamed up with Scott Mescudi, a.k.a. Kid Cudi, to create the Kid Cudi X KLP collection. The Man on the Moon shirt features a silhouette of Cudders over the Moon, while the Day N Nite shirt is a tribute to the artist’s smash single of the same title.

The Karmaloop X MTV Staying Alive Foundation tee is a collaboration project between KLP and MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation. Designed by Shepard Fairey, the shirt features a heart-adorned sledgehammer on the front panel with graphics highlighting the collaborative effort of the two labels to stop the spread of AIDS. For every shirt sold, 40 percent of profits go to AIDS cure research.

KLP at Karmaloop.com

Karmaloop does not sell KLP shirts elsewhere. And because many of these awesome designs are on a limited run, you cannot afford to sleep on them when you find a style that you like. Go to Karmaloop.com today and check out the newly restocked and sale items!

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