COALATREE Organics Living the self sufficient high life

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COALATREECOALATREE Organics aims to bring the farm to the streets by producing the highest quality organic street apparel. Its main goal is to inspire guys to live a healthier life and make humanity realize that freedom and living the high life comes through being less dependent on unnatural foods and goods.

The COALATREE name comes from references to growing or gardening. The very top and center point of a plant, which is called the main cola, yields the best produce.

About the designers

Cavin Nicholson and Jake “Charlie” Bessey founded COALATREE Organics in 2010 to bring a unique brand to the fashion industry focused around the “Reap What You Sow” mentality.

At age 20, Bessey was already working for headphone company Skullcandy, where he had an opportunity to learn from legends like Dan Levine, Jeremy Andrus, Luke Edgar, and Jeff Kearl.

Nicholson grew up in the Mecca of the action sports world in Newport Beach, California, where he was surrounded by street, skate and surf influencers at Volcom, Lost, and RVCA.


In an effort to promote organic farming, Nicholson and Bessey began developing a self-sustaining ranch located along the Colorado River. Over the course of a year, the duo raised cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, fowl, and crops to restore biodiversity to the area.  COALATREE Organics produces over 2.5 tons of food a year that is all used for employees and charity.

To support its farm and other organic farmers around the world, the duo decided to launch its branded clothing line which features pieces made of organic fabric grown by local farmers.

The COALATREE Organics collection includes 100% organic raw denim, Bedford cord, wovens and flannels, graphic and pocket tees, and the green toe sock. Future lines will feature waxed cottons, canvas, leather and other fabrics that can help reduce carbon footprint.

Organic farming and action sports

COALATREE Organics was conceptualized by action sports aficionados who wanted to give back to the industry. The company grows organic products to support athletes and artists such as Adam Dyet, Matt Guerrero, Shaun Gordon, Slightly Stoopid, John Browns Body, Parker Cook, Pat Milbery, Jake Brown, and Copper Woodward.

Each member of Team COALATREE is provided with a chest freezer that is stocked with fresh organics from the farm throughout the year.

COALATREE Organics is now sold at EVOGear, Powder and Sun, Swell, Trucker Deluxe, FICE, Wave Riding Vehicles, URBANE, and Karmaloop.

COALATREE Organics at

Karmaloop is active and proud to carry out the mission of COALATREE in its 2012 collection. Check out the exclusive art collaboration between the COALATREE in-house design team and Shaun Gordon featured on custom sew graphic tees. Outrigger shorts, skinny jeans, and green toe socks are also available.

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