Alien Workshop

by Karmaloop Rep Code

Brand History

Founded in October, 1990 by Chris Carter and Mike Hill, Alien Workshop is an American skate gear and streetwear brand that specializes in quality skate decks and apparel for men. Just like the brand’s bold take on graphic tees, Alien Workshop is known for its individualistic, diverse style, a product of unlikely artists and designers who worked hard to make Alien Workshop the brand that it is today. 

The brand was owned briefly by Burton Snowboarding Company until it was acquired in 2012 by original team rider, Rob Dyrdek. The acquisition of Alien Workshop was announced in a press release the same year. Under Dyrdek, the Alien Workshop crew is composed of Anthony Van Engelen, Heath Kirchart, Grant Taylor, Jason Dill, Omar Salazar, Dylan Rieder, Mikey Taylor, Tyler Bledsoe, Jake Johnson and Gilbert Crockett.

More than a couple of decades after they introduced the brand, Alien Workshop remained a true visionary in streetwear fashion, delivering unique, individualistic apparel that looks great on and off the ramps.

Quality and Style

Alien Workshop integrates quality and style into a cohesive collection chock full of striking and colorful graffiti art. The brand is inspired by paranoia, futurism, individualism, the skate culture and trendy designs.

Alien workshop 2013 Spring Collection

Alien Workshop is a skate deck maker first so this 2013, their colorful skate decks take center stage. The Alien Workshop crew collaborated with artist, Keith Haring and with his comical prints; the newest collection offers bold designs, intricate detailing and somewhat odd prints. Of course, there’s the ET mascot making a comeback in this year collection. As for streetwear, Alien Workshop toned down the prints and focused on wearable pieces in muted colors of blue, black and gray.

Alien Workshop at

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