Dolo Clothing Co.

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Brand HistoryDolo Clothing Co. Dolo Clothing Co.

Dolo Clothing Co. is a contemporary streetwear brand established by Desmond Bellot in 2002. The brand specializes in progressive street style and garbs with fresh, feel good designs. For Desmond, Dolo Clothing Co. is made to strengthen our own outlook on society; the brand aims to become your voice in fashion. Forged in hard work, creativity and the drive for change, Dolo Clothing Co. celebrates the boldness of going after what you want and being true to yourself, bringing forth individualistic style and to go against the grain, standing for something you strongly believe in. Dolo Clothing Co. is available in selected retail stores including online over at

Join The Fashion Movement

Dolo Clothing Co. is more than just your average streetwear label, but a movement, a statement, a way of life. Desmond named his clothing brand “DOLO” as a celebration of you, to have the courage to be yourself and achieve your dreams. Dolo Clothing Co. aims to empower others to live their life to the limits and changing for the better. Dolo Clothing Co. offers a great selection of shirts, crewnecks, hoodies and tank tops that reflects the modern streetwear scene. The brand is also popular for its denim wear line.

Dolo Clothing Co. 2014 Spring Collection

For spring 2014, Dolo Clothing Co. will be launching its awesome new lineup of transitional apparel and summer must-haves like graphic shirts, tank tops and accessories, all embellished with the Dolo Clothing Co. logo. Their transitional apparel line is comprised mainly of edgy sweatshirts and hoodies for both men and women.

Dolo Clothing Co. Clothing at

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