K. Bell

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Brand History

Featuring a full line of novelty and basics socks plus an extensive selection of legwear for women, K. Bell is a California fashion line established in 1979 by designer, Karen Bell. Karen started her internationally renowned brand in her makeshift studio, her apartment, after she moved to Los Angeles. As an artist, Karen isn’t just dreaming about making a name for herself in the fashion business, she wanted her brand to represent a generation. And throughout the years and innumerable achievements, Karen never lost sight of how she wanted K. Bell to be.

Today, K. Bell is one of the leading names in legwear, delivering fabulous essentials that are anything but boring! K. Bell socks and hosiery are available in selected retailers including online at Karmaloop.com. K. Bell K. Bell

A Style For Every Mood

Because K. Bell is an iconic brand that’s been in the business for decades, it’s no surprise that K.Bell has an extensive selection of socks, legwear, hosiery, leggings and tights that suit every conceivable style. From demure opaque leggings to printed sheer hosiery, office-friendly socks to licensed socks and novel designs in between, K. Bell is proud of its massive archive of designs. All K. Bell socks are crafted from the finest cotton material. From the color right down to individual stitches, every pair of socks with meticulous attention to details

K. Bell Socks 2014 Spring Collection

Spring is all about colors and this season’s collection will be K. Bell’s most colorful yet! For spring 2014, K.Bell will be dropping down an eye-popping array of foot socks for golfing, 3D socks and fabulous themed socks and legwear for men and women!

K. Bell socks at Karmaloop.com

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