Fly Society

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Brand History

Established by multi-faceted athlete, Terry Kennedy in 2007, Fly Society is an LA lifestyle brand made for skateboarders and streetwear junkies alike! Terry broke into the skate scene with his signature footed stance, developed Fly Society as a way to showcase his talent as a designer and his musical inspirations. Inspired by all things fly, Fly Society combines fresh graphics and innovative color combinations to create a one of a kind collection each season. The idea behind Fly Society clothing is to give skateboarders and streetwear loves a newer, better option than what’s out there. Fly Society clothing is available via authorized retailers including online at

Fresh Streetwear For Thrill Seekers

Terry is known for his insatiable appetite for adventure and speed. Earning the moniker “Compton Ass” in the local skate scene, Terry got into the business and became popular for his risk-taking moves and his standout personality, all these are the elements he wants to add to Fly Society clothing. As his career took off, he realized that not a lot of streetwear brands create garments that are as durable as they make it seem. Add to the fact that loads of streetwear labels pepper their goods with gigantic trashy logos, Terry decided that he will go against the grain. With Fly Society clothing, it’s all about the quality of the garments, not cheap marketing. The brand specializes in graphic shirts but the products have expanded to include buttons down shirts, hoodies and accessories for men.

Fly Society Fly Society

Fly Society 2014 Spring Collection

Fresh off its successful 2013 holiday release comes the latest for spring at Fly Society clothing! This season, Fly Society clothing rolled out a colorful lineup of graphic shirts, raglan, and sweatshirts with striking tropical themed prints or statement texts on the front. This is just a taste of what’s to come this spring, watch out for more releases in the coming days!

Fly Society clothing at

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