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Brand History

Cashletes™ is a New York lifestyle brand established in 2009 by a collective of designers. The brand is dedicated to all the men and women who know how to take advantage of every chance for moneymaking, enterprising people whose relentless pursuit lies in financial independence. With designs rooted in sports and living the American dream, Cashletes™ offers a full line of athletics-inspired casual wear and accessories. The brand isn’t glorying the idea of harboring cash (cuz that’ just plain greed), but the satisfaction you get from knowing you are set for life. Cashletes™ garments are sold in selected stores including online at

Going For The Money

Cashletes™ combines the money-centered themes with vintage athletics aesthetics, delivering sport-inspired garments that exemplify what we are all competing for. The brand isn’t pushing the idea of greed but of achieving our dreams. Dedicated to hustlers, Cashletes™ aims to open up our eyes and liberate ourselves from financial burden. The brand is all about innovating designs and creating market-leading garments that set the trend, delivering an impressive selection of sportswear and streetwear in the season’s hottest colors and designs.

Cashletes™ Cashletes™

Cashletes™ 2014 Summer Collection

For summer 2014, Cashletes™ introduces the “Cashus Clay” Collection. The collection is comprised a range of blacked out tank tops, shirts, sweatshirts, sports jackets and caps in vintage “Cashletes™” signature logo on the front.

Cashletes™ Clothing at

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