Baggu Protecting the Environment in Style

by Karmaloop Rep Code

bagsGreen has become the universal color for environmental protection. Reusable shopping bags are often called “green bags” because they are made of biodegradable materials and typically come in green hues.

While using recyclable bags are becoming popular, they’re probably not an option for fashion-conscious women. BAGGU® is changing that. With Baggu, you can love Mother Earth as much as you love fashion.

BAGGU® makes stylish reusable shopping bags in more than 50 colors and prints. They’re durable and fill many uses so you can own less stuff.

The fashionable way to reduce your carbon footprint

Baggu was created by Brooklyn designer Emily Sugihara in 2007. As a New York native, Sugihara used to sport fingers that turned purple each week from lugging home bags full of groceries. Together with her seamstress mom, they came up with the idea of creating a line of shopping bags that were reusable, comfortable and fashionable.

The first Baggu ripstop nylon bag featured long handles that fit comfortably over the shoulder, gussets along the bottom that allow things like milk and eggs to stack, and a single, double-reinforced seam that’s tough enough to carry the heaviest of loads.

Although Baggu began in a more utilitarian vein targeted towards grocery shoppers, it has now become a must-have fashion accessory for women who frequent glam houses such as Prada and hip emporiums like Need Supply and Colette.

Baggu designs

Baggu’s fashion cred can be attributed to its crisp graphic identity and its amazingly varied color palette, both of which are heavily influenced by Baggu’s creative director Ellen Van Der Laan.

Working out of a large sunlit studio in Williamsburg, Sugihara and Van Der Laan have expanded their offerings to tote bags, pouches, zipper bags, backpacks, and laptop cases.

In 2011 Baggu collaborated with New York artist Shabd Simon-Alexander for a spring collection that was highlighted by the Shabd Alexander tie-dye backpack.

Baggu at

Start living “green” in color with BAGGU®. Baggu shopping bags, tote bags, pouches, zipper bags, backpacks, laptop cases, and iPad sleeves are all made of recyclable materials and come in fabulous prints that you can show off at school, in the office, at the mall, or even at parties. Check out Karmaloop’s selection of colorful Baggu bags and use Karmaloop Discount Code.

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