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SOOS Rocks Jewelry has been creating compelling and influential handmade accessories since 2005. From vintage rocker to eclectic fashion star, these unisex designs have garnered quite a fan following from the stages of MTV to the streets of Los Angeles.

SOOS Rocks Jewelry was created by Jane Dallin and Bryn Nihill, two savvy Toronto gals whose innate intuition and keen business sense have led to a strong Web presence and numerous celebrity endorsements for their funky jewelry brand.

SOOS believes that accessories are the key to creating any great outfit and should be made accessible to everyone. With an overwhelmingly positive response to the launch of their first collection, Dallin and Nihill were motivated to set the motions that have turned this label into one that is well-respected on an international level.

The SOOS Rocks collection is part couture, part punk and rock, and part vintage. It’s affordable, edgy, and ever-evolving. In its Toronto design studio, SOOS Rocks uses materials coming from different places around the world to create new collections each month. Leather, vintage brass, 14k gold, sterling silver, semi-precious stones, and stainless steel are among the most popularly used in its designs.

SOOS Rocks has three main collections ranging from unisex to ultra feminine, and everything in-between.

House of Rock

Unisex, raw, and unleashed, House of Rock is your haven for all things cool.  This collection is an aesthetic of attitude, behavior, appearance, and style. The chain and pendant jewels are influenced by and a product of the Zeitgeist.


Spirituality comes in many shapes and sizes. Contemplation, nature, the cosmos, and divinity, what do you believe in?  Explore what gives you inspiration in this wonderful take on transcendence.


Love is said to be the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. In philosophical context, love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection. Show your love with L’Amour jewelry.

The SOOS Rocks design team also enjoys creating custom couture pieces for award shows, fashion shows, weddings, and special events.

SOOS Rocks accessories have graced the pages of popular fashion magazines, adorned the hipster hosts of MTV’s anchor telecast MTV Live!, and embellished the outfits of celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Mariah Carey, Natalie Portman, Paris Hilton, Viveca Fox, Jessica Simpson, Kristen Cavallari, Brook Hogan, Paula Abdul, Lenny Kravitz, Tori Spelling, and Kid Famous.

This design team continually strives to grow personally and professionally and enjoys giving back to the community whenever possible. SOOS Rocks continuously donates to a number of charitable organizations and causes, both domestic and international.

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