Sixter Shredded Scarf: The Distressed Trend

by Karmaloop Rep Code

Scarves are among the most timeless pieces in fashion history.  From its humble beginnings as a warming gear, it has evolved into a staple statement piece, emerging in a wide array of styles.  Moreover, the scarf boasts of an exceptional versatility owing mainly to its simplistic structure.  You just take any narrow piece of cloth (usually light cotton during springtime and heavy wool in winter), throw it over your shoulders, twist it around your neck, or wrap it around your head and voilà—an instantly chic accessory.

If you’re in the mood for a neck-wrap that’s nothing short of special, check out Sixter’s collections.  True to their promise of creating uniquely designed “easy wear” pieces, the label’s handmade scarves can absolutely spice up a plain tee-and-jean ensemble.  The Printed Nylon Shredded Scarf, in particular, is a total scene-stealer. It’s a circle scarf that features funky distressed sections offset by a clean braided detail.  Available in striking color combinations of pink-purple, black-white, and army, deciding on just one may be a bit hard. But who says you can choose only one? Click this link for promo and rep codes for Karmaloop! Enjoy shopping.

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