Nixon: Accessorize Your Surf, Skate, and Snow Lifestyles

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Nixon pays attention to the little things that are often neglected when creating a look – such as your watch, wallet, or belt. Nixon makes these accessories as good as they can be so that when you wear them, you feel like you’ve got a leg up on the rest of the world.

Nixon believes that your accessories should reflect your personality the same way your clothes and shoes do. Your look deserves something special and not just a thoughtless off-the-shelf piece.

Brand history

Responding to the lack of timepieces made specifically for the surf, skate, and snow lifestyles, Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna launched Nixon in Encinitas, California in 1997.

Laats was a mechanical engineer who had worked at Burton while DiNenna worked for publishing company Transworld for five years. The duo raised nearly $1 million from venture capitalists to start Nixon, which debuted with seven models sold at 200 retailers.

Nixon opened a subsidiary in France in 2000, and by 2005 the company was offering 90 watch models with sales growing by 55 percent annually.

In January 2006 Nixon was purchased by Billabong International for $54.6 million.

In February 2012, Billabong International sold 48.5 % of the Nixon business to Trilantic Capital Partners, with Nixon founders Laats and DiNenna also taking stakes in the newly established joint venture.

Today Nixon continues to make quality watches that do the talking for you and deliver what you need in high-stress work and play environments. It has built a huge network of athletes, rock stars, retailers, and dedicated loyalists who proudly wear the Nixon ethos.

Elite Collection

Elegant, refined, and utterly indestructible, the Elite collection represents the pinnacle of quality and precision from Nixon. These watches are all made in Switzerland.

Neon Orange Collection

Built on ideas of wild individualism and carelessness, the Neon Orange Collection puts the powerful pop of neon orange on your arm. No matter where you roam, it will never get lost.

All Black Collection

The All Black and Black Crystal collections put black on black for the ultimate in elegant styling. Icy black crystal jewels add a subtle splash of luxury to this dark display.

Whiteout Collection

Subtlety is substance. It is an aesthetic of minimalism where less becomes more. Stripped down to the essentials, what remains are clean lines and structural elegance in Nixon’s immaculate Whiteout collection.

Rose Gold and Chocolate Collection

The Rose Gold and Chocolate Collection tips a champagne toast to the past while rushing headlong into the future. Crossing campus or cooling down over cocktails, this lush color combination always demands a double take.

Nixon at

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