Guns, Germs & $teal: Brass Wallets with Street Cred

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Your wallet says a lot about your character. Do you carry your loot in a generic leather billfold or do you prefer something with swagger?

Chain wallets are no longer cool. If you want to carry your stash with some major street cred, check out the metal wallets from Los Angeles streetwear brand Guns, Germs & $teal.

Created by Smiley Stevens and Philippa Price, Guns, Germs & $teal offers the perfect accessory for men, or even women, who are willing to tote the line between classic and awesome.

Measuring 3 x 4 inches, these sleek wallets are made of brass and lined with all reclaimed leather or found fabric so no two wallets are the same. What makes them really cool is the hand-stamped text on the exterior – usually a clever quote or rap lyrics for utmost freshness and gangster appeal.

Guns, Germs & $teal wallets are embossed with lines such as “Green For Da Money, Gold For Da Honey”, “Young Money Millionaire”, “Money Ain’t A Thang”, “Dolla Dolla bills Y’all”, “I Need a Dime” “Fuck Money, Get Bitches”, and “SWAG”.

Once you have chosen your wallet, you can customize the interior with brown leather, Pendleton, Native American, Mexican Serape, denim or plaid. You can also select the number of slots on the inside to match how much you plan on stuffing in. For an additional $10, you can even have your initials stamped on the back.

Guns, Germs & $teal also offers a great selection of menswear as well as pendants, necklaces, loop chains, and other accessories.

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Carry your cash like bonafide OG with Guns, Germs & $teal brass wallets. Karmaloop is currently offering the Green For Da Money, Gold For Da Honey wallet for half its original price by using our Karmaloop Rep Codes!

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