Cutesy and Glitzy in the Gem Bow Hair Tie

by Karmaloop Rep Code

Gone are the days when hair bows are only sported by middle schoolers and die-hard Minnie and Daisy fans.  Bows may have not taken a new shape (they still look like butterfly wings) but have incredibly morphed into fashionable pieces.  Remember Blair Waldorf and her ubiquitous headbands with bow accents? They were iconic! Meanwhile, fashion bloggers remain ambivalent towards this trend.  Some are not exactly ecstatic about it, even when stylish lasses like Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne and Alexa Chung have taken the ‘bow direction’.  And who could forget Lady Gaga and her peculiar bow hair which her Little Monsters desperately try to emulate?

Now if you don’t want to go BIG on the bow, Accessories Boutique has a more subtle but nevertheless pretty offering: the Gem Bow hair tie. This elastic hair tie has a bow accent covered in red rhinestones. Yes, very Minnie Mouse, huh? It injects more fun and color into dull ponytails, not to mention your ultimate life-saver for those unpredictable bad hair days. If you ask me, I’m using this with a fishtail braid.  Get huge discounts by using Plndr Codes for Karmaloop today!

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