BLVCK SCVLE Well made apparel and accessories with an attitude

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ClothingBLVCK SCVLE – pronounced as Black Scale – is a street fashion line that carries a stylish and sophisticated edge while maintaining its rebellious, dark core.

Black Scale has become the unsung hero of street culture, commanding absolute respect on both the ground level and throughout the international fashion market.

A walking conversation piece

With your Black Scale shirt on, you’re likely to spark a conversation anywhere you go. Founders Michael Yabut and Alfred De’Tagle have made Black Scale their sounding board for deeper issues that elude daily discussions such as politics, identity, death and religion.

Unlike most statement shirts, Black Scale put a lot of effort into finding top-of-the-line materials and learning how pieces are deftly constructed before releasing each collection.

The philosophy behind Black Scale is that every detail has meaning within the design. Every image, every word, every shape, and every stitch has meaning.

Considering that everything in its collection is of superior quality, Black Scale tries to keep things affordable.

BLVCK SCVLE collections

Most BLVCK SCVLE collections include shirts, crewneck sweaters, and hoodies with monotone designs and base hues of white, black, and red.

The Intuition Experiment line featured a purple wax waterproof canvas anorak, hooded varsity coat, waxed black long sleeve button-up, waxed black 14-ounce denim, and 15-ounce Japanese raw selvedge denim.


Believing in harmony and interconnection, Black Scale has collaborated with a number of labels to come up with stylish design fusions.

BLVCK SCVLE teamed up with Diamond Supply Co. for the limited edition “Black Diamond” tee, a pinstriped shirt which bears the texts “Diamond” and “44.”

BLVCK SCVLE also worked with Major D.C. on the “Black Super” cap and the BLVCK SCVLE NY DC SEOUL MANILA LA SF tee.

In celebration of the 2009 NBA finals, BLVCK SCVLE worked with High Point in releasing a limited edition shirt, available in four colors, with the BLVCK SCVLE trademark in black, red, and white.

The “Don’t Trust Anyone” cap is a collaborative project with 7 Union and Rogue Status. Black Scale created two more shirts with Rogue Status, the first named “Gumball 3000” in recognition of the 10th year anniversary rally.

Other collaborative works include the Android Homme leather sneakers, Woolrich jacket, and Mosley Tribes for Black Scale sunglasses.


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