ADEEN Cartoon-inspired accessories for the young and young at heart

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accessoriesADEEN is the brainchild of 20-year-old Rembrandt “Remy” Duran, a native of the New York City lower east side. By creating cartoon-inspired accessories for this ADEEN line, Remy aims to bring fun and love back into the world of fashion using individuality, originality, and knowledge of style.

Together with graphic design director Eric Narvaez, who is currently attending the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Remy uses influences from vintage cartoons to turn out accessory pieces that are modern yet out of the norm.

Assman Collection

ADEEN’s first release was Assman – a series of plush pins, boy short underwear and knit caps. The plush pin idea came from Remy’s childhood collection of Beanie Babies, and the characters Cloud and Tree were created by Remy back in 3rd grade. Remy had wanted to be a cartoonist but later decided that style and fashion were his real passions. Fusing the two things together gave him an opportunity to give life to a character he had loved for years.

RoseHood Collection

After Assman came the RoseHood collection of black and red plush rose pins. They appeal to both men and women, young and old. RoseHood is based on the concept that your look should reflect who you are and where you came from – clothing and accessories that express yourself. From time to time ADEEN releases limited edition colors of its signature rose.


Teaming up with NYC jewelry designer Chris Habana, Remy launched ADN by ADEEN – a collection of snapbacks, necklaces and earrings made with acrylic. This collection blends Habana’s signature dark biblical style with the youthful energy of ADEEN. One of the hats from ADN was featured in the March 2011 issue of VICE magazine.

Saturday Collection

The latest collection from ADEEN is called SATURDAY. As a child, Remy loved Saturday mornings because they meant only one thing: cartoons time! The inspiration for SATURDAY goes perfectly with the ADEEN brand and its core message of bringing back that Saturday morning cartoon feel. SATURDAY is a reflection of all the things that Remy loved most – from his Gameboy and Nintendo 64 to his Pokémon VHS movies.

This year Remy has added two snapback collections to his original ADEEN line. The City/Country series is a tribute to the cities and countries that inspire Remy, while the Black and White series is inspired by the 90s club kid era serving as a backdrop for people, places and periods of time integral in Duran’s life.


ADEEN acrylic rings, cuffs and necklaces are now available at using Karmaloop Discount Code. You can also add an edgy touch to your accessories collection with ADN Gothic snapbacks and plush pins.

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